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Rental conditions Landhuys Odette


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Landhuys Odette caters to families, friends and grounds of colleagues who want to spend time together in a comfortable and atmospheric environment.

We exclusively rent to groups of people who will respect the qualitative materials that were used to construct the building and with which the building and the grounds are furnished.

Parties, bachelor(ette) parties, etcetera are strictly forbidden.

Men-only groups are not allowed. When we notice upon arrival or during the rental period that the composition of the group is not according to the rental agreement, we have the right to cancel the rental period immediatly. This does not entitle the lessee to any restitution of the (remaining) rental amount.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building.

Pets are not allowed.

Depending on the outside temperature, the pool is open from late April until late September.

General booking terms and conditions

When you book the holiday residence, you accept the rental conditions as described in this document. You are therefore advised to read these terms and conditions carefully before booking. These general terms and conditions apply to “Landhuys Odette,” located at Obroek 60, 2470 Retie, Belgium, hereinafter referred to as “the holiday accommodation.” It is only possible to deviate from these general terms and conditions with prior written acceptance by the lessor of any deviating conditions. Any changes will be noted on the rental agreement that you will receive via email. This means the lessee cannot claim the application of any general terms and conditions of their own under any circumstances.


You can book the holiday accommodation via email or via an external website. These booking methods are binding. The general terms and conditions take effect when a booking order is recorded. No booking costs are charged for making a booking.

Booking order and payment

The lessor will confirm every booking order by sending a booking confirmation via email. You will also receive an email with further (payment) instructions:

*The advance amount (30% of the rental amount) must be transferred to the listed bank account number within 7 days of making the reservation.

*You will also be asked to submit a copy of your ID and a list of guests, including children and babies, who will be staying in the holiday accommodation with you. The rental agreement will be drawn up based on this information.

*Your reservation will only be final once the requested documents have been submitted and the advance has been paid!

*The balance of the rental amount + the €800 deposit must be paid in full no later than 30 days before the start of the rental period.

*If you make a reservation within 30 days of the start of the rental period, the full rental amount + the deposit will be payable immediately. This amount must be paid in full within 7 days of making the reservation.

*All amounts due must be in our account prior to your arrival at the holiday accommodation. When making payments, be sure to include your invoice number and the name of the lessee.

If you fail to pay (in a timely manner) the advance and/or the balance of the rental amount and the deposit, the lessor reserves the right to cancel your booking of the holiday accommodation in accordance with the cancellation conditions described in this document. In the event of a cancellation, the deposit will be refunded in full.

The lessor reserves the right to refuse a booking if there are grounded reasons to suspect the possible violation of these general rental conditions.

Rental price and deposit

The exact rental prices for the period of your choice can be found on our website or via any of the other booking channels we are listed on.

All rental prices are listed inclusive of water and utilities. Lessees are expected to use the available utilities in a normal manner. If we detect unreasonably excessive use of the available utilities, we reserve the right to charge a market rate for this use.

The deposit amount is €800.

The holiday accommodation is furnished with valuable items and the deposit is intended to cover the costs of any accidents/damage. Complaints with regard to the accommodation’s inventory and any existing damage can be made until four hours after your arrival. All complaints must be reported to the lessor.

Accidents can happen; immediately reporting the accident and – if possible – repairing the damage can prevent the situation from getting worse. A conflict about possible damage is a conflict between the lessee and the lessor. The deposit is used at the lessor’s discretion. If you break anything, you are advised to collect the broken pieces for the lessor, so as to avoid discussions and misunderstandings. You are advised to report any accidents/damage without undue delay.

If the damage caused exceeds the deposited amount, the lessee is required to pay an additional amount within one week after notification.

If you leave the holiday accommodation in good condition and no damage or breakage is found, the deposit will be refunded to you via bank transfer within two weeks after the end of your stay.

Cancellation by lessee

Cancellations must be submitted via email to Immediately upon receipt of your cancellation, the lessor will send you a confirmation via email.

Cancellation fees:

Up to 30 days before the start of the rental period: 30% of the rental amount (advance)

30 to 14 days before the start of the rental period: 60% of the rental amount

Fewer than 14 days before the start of the rental period: 100% of the rental amount

It is the lessee’s own responsibility to take out cancellation insurance.

Cancellation by lessor

If circumstances or force majeure give the lessor no other option than to cancel a previously made reservation of the holiday accommodation, the lessee will be notified immediately and the lessor will immediately refund the full amount paid by the lessee. The lessee is not entitled to anything other than a refund of the full amount paid.

Liability insurance

The lessee is required to have liability insurance that will cover any and all damage to the holiday accommodation and its furnishings, appliances and other goods.

The lessee is advised to insure against their legal liability in the event of a fire that they cause in the holiday accommodation. We ask that you check this with your insurance agent.

Liability of the lessee

The lessee is responsible for the holiday accommodation and its furnishings and inventory and they are expected to use the building with due care.

The lessee (the person who made the booking) is liable for any damage caused during the exact rental period, even if this damage is only discovered after their stay in the holiday accommodation. The lessee is liable for any damage they cause, but also for any damage caused by their fellow lessees and all other persons they give access to the holiday accommodation or its grounds during their stay. The lessee is also liable for accidents in and around the holiday accommodation.

If damage is discovered after the lessee’s departure from the holiday accommodation, they will have to accept the lessor’s ruling.

The house rules that are present in the holiday accommodation are an inextricable part of the rental agreement and strict compliance with these house rules is therefore mandatory. Below are several key provisions from the house rules:

*Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the holiday accommodation. Smoking is allowed outside the accommodation. The lessee must ensure all cigarette butts are cleaned up before leaving the holiday accommodation.

*Building a fire is only permitted in the fire pit/BBQ in the garden.

*Furniture may not be moved around the accommodation.

*Pets are not allowed.

*Deep frying food is not allowed inside the accommodation.

*Organising bachelor(ette) parties, parties, etcetera is not allowed. In case of violation of this provision, the rental period will be terminated and all guests will be forced to leave the accommodation. This does not entitle the lessee to any restitution of the remaining rental amount.

*The lessee must avoid causing hindrance to neighbours from loud noise. In case of violation of this provision, the rental period will be terminated and all guests will be forced to leave the accommodation. This does not entitle the lessee to any restitution of the remaining rental amount.

Liability of the lessor

The lessor cannot accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injuries of any kind sustained by lessees, either inside or outside the holiday accommodation. The lessor cannot accept any liability for damage caused by forces of nature, natural disasters, nuclear disasters, terrorist attacks, strikes, acts of violence or coming into contact with an aircraft or parts thereof.

Activities such as roadwork or agricultural or construction activities may be performed in the vicinity of the holiday accommodation. We cannot accept any liability for any hindrance caused by noise or odours.

If a malfunction occurs in the holiday accommodation during the rental period, the lessor will – as far as possible – strive to resolve the situation without undue delay. However, such malfunctions do not entitle the lessee to any form of compensation or restitution of rent.

The lessor is not always available on site. The lessor’s telephone number is listed in the email you received to confirm your booking. If necessary, you can contact the lessor by calling this number.

Maximum number of persons permitted

The website lists the maximum number of persons that may stay in the holiday accommodation at any one time. This maximum of 26 persons cannot be exceeded under any circumstances. If the maximum number of persons is exceeded, the rental agreement is automatically dissolved and the lessee will be denied further access to the holiday accommodation without entitlement to restitution of rent. Children under the age of 1 are not included in this total, but their presence must be reported in advance. If the maximum number of persons is exceeded, the holiday accommodation will no longer be compliant with the regulations of the Flemish Region with regard to fire safety and the provisions of the fire insurance. If additional persons come to stay in the holiday accommodation without the lessor’s knowledge, a debt of 25% of the rental amount per additional person is immediately established, which will be deducted from the deposit. Subletting the holiday accommodation is not allowed.

Arrival and departure times

You are asked to strictly comply with the arrival and departure times. To ensure the holiday accommodation is neat and tidy, enough time must be available between the previous guests’ departure and the new guests’ arrival to properly clean the accommodation. We ask that you inform us if you require a different arrival time.

Weekend 2 nights: Friday 16.00 to Sunday 18.00

Weekend 3 nights: Friday 16.00 to Monday 10.00

Mini-break 2 nights: Tuesday 16.00 to Thursday 18.00

Week: upon request

End of your stay / final cleaning

At the end of your stay, you are expected to leave the holiday accommodation in a neat and orderly state. This entails:

*Sweeping and cleaning the accommodation

*Closing all windows

*Emptying the dishwashers and returning clean dishes to the cupboards

*Cleaning the ovens

*Cleaning the kitchen counter, sinks and stoves

*Taking down the beds

*Emptying the bins in the bathrooms

*Separating all waste outside in the designated waste bins, as specified in the house rules

The “normal” final cleaning is mandatory and paid for by you in advance. You will understand that we therefore ask you to follow the house rules. We will be forced to charge additional costs if you neglect to perform any of the following tasks properly:

*Emptying dishwashers €15/h

*Cleaning ovens €15/h

*Taking down beds €15/h

*Cleaning up the garden and terrace €15/h

*In the event of an intervention by the fire department because the fire alarm was triggered by someone smoking inside the accommodation, the lessee is liable to pay all resulting costs.

*Damaged and missing inventory will be charged in accordance with the purchase invoice


The rental agreement is subject to Belgian law. Any conflicts that cannot be settled by friendly consultation between the lessor and the lessee will be presented to the courts of the judicial district of Turnhout, being the location of the holiday accommodation.

Landhuys Odette

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